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Choir Workshop

The Waterford Youth Arts Choir programme is designed to enhance the musical, creative and expressive qualities of all participants.  Musical opportunities are provided for every young person to learn the basic skills of singing and reading music, broadening listening skills, focused concentration, and performance. Kodály inspired musicianship training will be offered by Fearghal as he specialises in this method. Young people are first introduced to musical concepts through experiences such as listening, singing, or movement. It is only after they become familiar with a concept that they learn how to notate it. 

Singing is a life-long skill that is not only enjoyable, but fosters ear training, intonation, breath support, and confidence. Singers discover how to listen carefully and how to monitor their sound based on how it feels and sounds. 


We will work on reducing any performance anxieties that anyone might have. Onstage with their peers, anxieties about performing can dissolve because of the comfort of the group format. If comfortable within a group, this may be transferable to solo singing or other performing art. 


Singing in WYA Choir offers a wonderful release and opportunity to express thoughts and feelings through music and singing with other young people who are inspired by beautiful music. 

Workshops are run by Fearghal O’Connor (Choral Director – See Bio) and Eadaoin Breathnach (Music Coordinator).

Eadaoin is the music coordinator here at WYA. As a graduate of Waterford Institute of Technology and the University of Limerick (BMus, MA Music Tech), Eadaoin has founded an arts organisation 'Rigout Productions' that she wears many hats for, amongst them music director and creative producer. Productions include Lackendara Jim, Hermit of the Comeragh Mountains performed lakeside Coumshingaun and Petticoat Loose which was performed this year in Garter Lane. Eadaoin is also the music director for An Taibhdhearc's Christmas productions in Galway each year, notable productions including Annie and Aille agus Allta (Beauty and the Beast). 

Choir costs €45 per term.

There are discounts for more than one family member. If any child has a difficulty paying the fee, then speak to one of the tutors or office staff about our bursary scheme.

The workshops run on:
Thursdays at  Waterford Youth Arch, The Arch, Barracks Street

14-19 years: 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Tel.051 879377


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