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About Waterford Youth Arts

Waterford is the largest city in southeast Ireland. It's a dynamic cultural and economic centre with a long and varied history. The population of the City is 50,000, and it has a large catchment area. 

Waterford Youth Arts is a youth and community arts resource which enables young people to participate in creative activity as a means of self-expression and development in a safe, professional and enjoyable environment.

WYA is recognised nationally as one of the country's leading youth arts organisations, and each week over 400 young people take part in its activities.

Established in August 1985, WYA has grown from the voluntary efforts of two individuals and 25 young people to a fully-structured youth arts organisation with a paid staff.


Waterford Youth Arts provides a comprehensive quality response to the creative aspirations and developmental needs of young people in the Southeast.

The Arch, Barrack street
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