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Activities at Waterford Youth Arts are run in terms and workshops. Workshops are run every week by professional tutors.


They're good fun and are an opportunity to learn some new creative skills and also develop your confidence. They take place in "The Arch" and in various locations around the City after school times.

Workshops are great for meeting other young people with similar interests.


Workshops run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Waterford Youth Arts operates an open door policy, no prior experience is needed and is open to all, regardless of background, experience or ability.

Bursaries are available to families who might be experiencing difficulty in reaching the fee. Enquires for bursaries are made to the Admin team at Waterford Youths Arts who will be happy to help.

Trial: It is possible to take part  as a ‘trial’. This is a good idea for children and young people who might be a little unsure and trying something new. A trial session is free and would still require REGISTRATION. Trail is for one session of your preferred workshop.

For more information on individual workshops please check the tabs under the workshops section.

Waterford Youth Arts Workshops
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