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The Machine – A Waterford Youth Arts and Brothers of Charity Services Waterford Production

As strong as a bull, as fast as lightning, the ability to bend time and space… for Professor Clamclogs new invention anything is possible. But when a new villain – ‘Dr Evil Knieval is loose on the streets of Waterford’and learns about this new machine things become… dangerous.  Luckily there's a bunch of everyday heroes turned super to answer the call, to work together and fight against this unpredictable villain.

This production was directed by Liam Meagher and created by the cast of twenty actors who spent a number of workshops with Liam and together they created their own superhero story. Keith Currams shot the film and John Loftus edited the footage, local artist Declan Pierce created the drawings which are essential to the look of the film, audio was handled by Heather Troy Whelan and Éadaoin Walsh wrote the musical score and also took charge of Production, costumes by Shauna Farrell.

How will this monumental showdown go down, what dastardly plans does the Doctor have up his sleeve. Find out soon. Free Event  - Time, Date and Location to be announced.

Resolutions - A one act play about Homelessness


Homeless is a serious local and national issue and everyone knows someone who is affected by it, highlighting this issue is a brand new play written and directed by Martina Collender and the senior drama members (who are also the stars of the production) titled Resolutions.

"This play will be very true to life as in the process of making this production the cast went out and spoke to homeless people and those who work in this area and ‘Resolutions’ is what emerged. But it is not all bleak and sad there is also some humor in the play.”

Resolutions will be performed in St. Patrick's Gateway Centre on Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th of January at 8pm sharp as well as a special matinee showing at 2pm on Saturday. All money from the door will go to support the work of ‘Helping Hands’ the local voluntary group that feeds homeless people at St. Patrick’s Gateway Centre every night throughout the year. Tickets will be available at the door admission for 7 euros and 5 euros concession. Suitable for people aged 16 + 


Photo by cast member Lilly Murphy

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