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Mrs Montgomery’s Tale of the Travelling Circus’ 



Mrs Montgomery’s Tale of the Travelling Circus’ 

Written by Martina Collender and Directed by Enda Moran

July 7th - 9th 2017

Mrs Montgomery, and her Travelling Circus of wonders, wow-ser’s, pow-ser’s, twirlers, tricksters, magic makers, clowning abouter’s, dancers, delighters, ponder-thoughter’s, flipper flappers, thinker-thanker’s, wandering wonder’s, magical humans, have seen every single land in the entire world for over two thousand, five hundred years, eleven months, twenty three days, and seven hours. They gathered the best of the best-est circusers to delight and smile create all over the world. Now they’ve landed in Waterford to shine and surprise all they meet. All couldn’t be happier in their circus world of travelling days…….but, because there’s always an “if” or a “but” and you can’t bet your bottom dollar it’s rarely anything good…some of the circus recruits are beginning to ponder…and wonder….and hope they're wrong, but can’t stop the seed of thought that’s growing bigger and bigger with every beat of their steps: Is there any place for the Circus in this modern world??? Is the circus too set in its ways of the same old tricks? Will their circus, their home, their livelihood survive?


With worry growing and Mrs Montgomery working double triple time to rally the troops and rise up spirits, all eyes are falling with heavy pressure on Mrs Montgomery, the young son of the two magic dreamers, hope believers, circus creators, to take over the circus. The Tick Tock of the clock is getting louder and the pressures on, for will he rise to the challenge of taking over his parents beloved circus, and with the rest of circus putting on pressure because the circus after all is their home….or will his lack of belief in the circus, see this as the last ever show? 

Friday 7th July:

12noon New Street Gardens

4pm Peoples Park - Near the Playground

Saturday 8th July:

12noon Butler Community Centre St. Johns Park 

4pm Fenor Play Park (on the Astro Turf)

Sunday 9th July: 

12noon Tramore Playground, Canon's Field Tramore

4pm Tramore 'All Aboard Inclusion Play Park Lake Lands, Tramore (near the Prom) 

Brought to you in association with Waterford City and County Council Arts Service.

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