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Online Film Workshops

During this pandemic all ‘Waterford Youth Arts’ workshops has gone digital using ZOOM, for five weeks learn the ins and outs of film making with Heather Troy Whelan – Audio Technician, Musician and Facilitator in Film, Lighting and Sound.

These workshops aim to develop young film makers working together to create original short films, animations and explore various film genre. Young people are enabled to make their own short films and are supported to participate in Film Festivals dedicated to young film makers.

​Creative Writing costs 25 euros this term and payments will be taken exclusively through Eventbrite which you can book via the links below. If you require more information about this workshop please contact us.​


Workshop Times

9 – 14 years, Wednesdays 5:00pm – 6:30pm
15 – 19 years, Wednesdays 6:40pm – 8:10pm

For Further Information: WYA, The Arch Barrack Street,

Tel.051 879377


Places are limited, so book as soon as possible to ensure placement.

DarkMatter 1.jpg

Stills from Waterford Youth Arts Film Unit productions

Dark Matter (2016/drama) 

The End of Fairyland (2016/animation)

All Laced Up (2018/Coming of Age)
The Magic Coral (2018/Science Fiction)

Finalist Fresh Film Festival Young Film Maker of the Year 2017 and 2019

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