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Past Events/productions


If the Lights Change

28 Hours For WYA

28 Hours for Waterford Youth Arts was a major fundraiser in Garter lane Theatre.
Some of the best of Waterford's local adult theatre actors, directors, writers and crew alongside local musicians, filmmakers, poets and dancers got together to create new performing arts for WYA.



How Not to Get Away with Murder - presented by 12 - 14's in July around the Viking Triangle

On Saturday 2nd July and Sunday 3rd July WYA presented 'How Not to Get Away with Murder' a new promenade play written by older creative writing members and performed by the 12 - 14 drama members in the Viking triangle. Directed by Martina Collender , it was a play for all the family - It was a comedy with the story following a very strange tour guide bringing a group of tourists through the historical area of Waterford. The police get involved when a disappearance happens and they try to solve the mystery and the Case .....

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